Weddings * Functions * Concerts * Memorial Services

Strings Perform is a professional chamber music group available for hire for wedding ceremonies and receptions, functions, house concerts and memorial services. It is a flexible ensemble that performs as a String Quartet, Trio or even as a Duo if required. For most clients, the grouping of choice is a String Quartet, but there are often circumstances when a Trio may be a more suitable option. If the venue is an intimate one, then a Trio or Duo may be a better choice. These smaller groups will generally be a very cost effective choice as well.

Strings Perform provides a variety of music with a comprehensive repertoire that includes classics, moderns, swing and chart hits. Strings Perform are all professional musicians with a wide range of experience in both chamber music groups and orchestras. Most of the players perform on a regular basis with Orchestra Wellington. As co-founder and director, Helen is able to work with you to provide music that will meet your needs and create the special ambience that live string music will bring to your event.

Contact Helen for further details.